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Investments refer to any process that used for generating future income. The assets include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, property, etc. This course will focus on the decision to invest in the securities in the capital market. It begins with an overview of investment environment and products, and then provides students with a solid foundation in modern portfolio theory and demonstrates its applications to portfolio management. This course provides knowledge and techniques for student to analyze, construct and evaluate an investment and portfolio management.

The topics cover the investment background and environment, the investment theory including mean variance, markowitz optimal risky portfolio, asset pricing models, valuation of securities, investment strategies, assessing and controlling portfolio risk. Some of market anomalies are also discussed in this course. This course points to critical thinking, analytical dan problem solving skills in the context of portfolio construction and management. This course also consists of measurement or evaluation of the performance of portfolios. 

The students could accomplish this course in 45-50  minutes and required to answer the quiz as the assessment of this course. Upon completion of this course, student will be able to understand basic theory of portfolio management, as well as constructing and managing portfolio of assets.

What you will learn

Student will be able to understand the fundamental of investment management

Student will be able to understand the portfolio theory and asset pricing models

Student will be able to understand the valuation of equity and bond portfolio management

Student will be able to understand the portfolio strategies and evaluation

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Citra Amanda, S.E., S.Stat., M.S.M., Ph.D

Finance Program, School of Accounting
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06 January 2023

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